The Redrocks logo is a literal representation of the company’s core values, aspirations and expected positioning in the Indian real estate market. It helps that the bold identifying text represents the company name as a serious, steadfast and reliable option; the color red has always represented vigor, vitality and brimming potential across human history- a fact that prompted us to adopt this symbolic color as the primary keystone in our identity.

The Double R

darkRRAs a foremost real estate developer in Mangalore, construction, buildings and abodes are more than just business to us… they represent the very soul of our existence. Our logo promptly highlights this fact with a stacked representation of a building, a domicile that neatly outlines our corporate identity- the double R- Redrocks. This logo is designed to be a standalone component, which proudly represents Redrocks and its business, at just a mere glance, with or without the bold red name and the tagline represented alongside. In the real estate business ‘identity’ is everything- the double R is our shot at promotional immortality.

Domicile Homes for All

While a tagline such as ours could be scrutinized as being too ambitious, the underlying idea is a long term vision rather than a mere statement. At Redrocks we aspire to be the preferred real estate resource for the common man- helping usher in new technologies, practices and mindset that will help everyone achieve the dream of their own cozy corner on planet earth. We are very serious about this vision- a fact that combined with our experience and expertise sets us apart from the competition.
What do you think of our logo? We will love to hear your take, thoughts and suggestions. Just drop us an email at enquiry@redrocksindia.com